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Forces@Work - Forcilized

I had heard of the name Forces @ Work before, but I had never heard their music. When our chief editor sent me this demo cd, I was really curious because after all... it is the name that makes a band (in)famous, isn't it?


Forcilized is full of progressive metal in the widest sense of the word. Influences of Heavy-, Thrash-, Nu- and Deathmetal make this record very diverse.

The first song, Vortext Phobia, comes with a real 'headbang' feeling that undoubtedly works wonders on stage. The Nu-metal elements are a bit stronger in this song than in any other song and that isn't entirely my taste of music.

The third song, The benefit of all my senses sharpened, is the song on the album that has the most catchy melody. Yet this song too has the capability to amaze me with progressive / experimental rythms and passages.


I found it very hard to write something about this album, even after listening to it for a week or two. The music is just so incredibly diverse, it's hard to label it. Even the genre 'Progressive Metal' is too narrow for the music of Forces @ Work.

Anyone who is familiair with the experimental Deathmetalband Cephalic Carnage is sure to hear a certain similarity between the music of both CC and F @ W.

Although The benefit of all my senses sharpened is featured on the compilation disk Heavy, oder was?, I must say (after hearing Forcilized) that that particular song doesn't quite represent the music the band stands for. I suggest you listen to the entire cd to get a clearer view; this is a recommendation to fans of progressive, experimental metal!



Andreas Lohse: vocals

Mischa Blum: guitars

Armin Alic: bass

Adrian Weiss: guitars

Sabir Salkic: drums



1. Vortex Phobia 
2. Harvest At The Bodyfarm

3. The benefit of all my senses sharpened
4. Versus
5. Husk Of The Withered Moth

Forces@Work - Forcilized
77/1001Details None / Self-Produced
Released on Tuesday Nov 30th, -0001
Progressive Metal

Writer @Bastian Blackrain on Tuesday Jul 13th, 2004

Tags: #Forces@Work
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