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Bound For The Bar - Festival Tour DVD
Bound For The Bar festival tour DVD is obviously a DVD about the touring festival that was hosted by Lucky Thirteen and People Like You Records. This DVD of the tour, recorded in 2007 in the SO36 in Germany, is mostly covered with punk, speedrock and rockabilly, but that’s also very obvious with bands like Peter Pan Speedrock and The Peacocks.
After starting with some shots of unloading the vans and a brief introduction of some band members it’s on to the first show of The Grit. Performing for half an empty venue is not my idea of a great show but as far as The Grit concerns it doesn’t matter. So during their show The Grit is building their own party onstage.
After this, it’s time for a piece of documentary which is spread in several parts across the DVD. These parts are mostly several shots of short interviews and other touring footage of sound checking and shows.
The Peacocks are the second band on this DVD which are represented with in total nine songs. During these nine songs you can see the crowd go from standing around to partying along. On the other hand, that’s not very strange considering it’s pretty hard to stand still on the catchy songs of The Peacocks
The tour DVD continues with Frontkick after another piece of documentary. The straight forward punkrock of Frontkick is pretty solid but the crowd is pretty laidback so there’s hardly any action in front of the stage. Even the enthusiastic vocalist of Frontkick couldn’t motivate the people.
Our Dutch speedrockers of Peter Pan Speedrock are next on the DVD, but these recordings are from another show in Conne Island. So it’s a bit strange because PPS is also the closing act on this DVD. With ‘Heatseacker’, ‘Always Drunk’ and ‘Rock City’ they show what we all know. Although they don’t tour much they do play a lot and they still rock like hell.
Angel City Outcast from Los Angeles are up next. With their catchy rock and roll, they easily pulled the audience along and created a nice little party upfront. This of course results in some nice footage of partying and singing along with the band. The only major problem is the sound on this part. It’s not what I should say very great but on the other hand it was mentioned on the promo.
Chip Hanna is up next. I don’t know whether I have to take this one man act seriously because during his show the roadies of the next band are already onstage building up their set. Also the lights in the venue are on and the crowd is hardly responding to the man. I kinda feel sorry for the man because he’s not very bad and he actually can sing, but hardly anybody pays attention.
Far From Finished are the last band before Peter Pan Speedrock on the DVD. With energetic punk rock they came, they played, they conquered. To me it’s a bit strange to see a keyboard onstage with a punk rock band but it does sound perfectly with the rest of the band and it adds something to the music. All this reflects to the crowd who make the party complete by some nice stagedives.
The final act of the night is Peter Pan Speedrock who closes the DVD with ‘Go Satan’ and ‘Sailor Man’. During the songs it’s pretty obvious that the audience was waiting for this band the entire night. During the songs it’s just party along with the band.
Overall is the DVD definitely not a must have. It gives a nice impression about the tour and if you’ve seen the tour it could be interesting for you. But if you weren’t there, there ain’t much you’ll miss if you don’t buy this one.
Bound For The Bar - Festival Tour DVD
65/1001Details People Like You
Released on Tuesday Nov 30th, -0001
Punk, Speedrock, Rockabilly

Writer @Niamen on Thursday Oct 9th, 2008

Tags: #Bound For The Bar
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