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Cyaegha - Steps Of Descent

Formed just three years ago, the Virginian death metal band Cyaegha unleashes its first full length onto the world. Lyrically inspired by H.P. Lovecraft, they come to bring the writer’s tales to life musically, with some brutal metal!

Cyaegha profiles itself as an extreme metal band. What you hear on Steps Of Descent is a technical death metal band with an old school sound to it. There is absolutely no case of over-production, triggered drums or anything else fancy on this record. Luckily this hasn’t resulted in a mouldy bathroom production but it lead to a quite natural sound. It even reminds of the nineties death metal a bit. Technical, old school and brutal are the keywords for this album.
Overall it’s a nice listen, yet since these guys play old school death metal you can already guess where the problem lies with these guys; originality. There isn’t much of that to be found on Steps Of Descent. Most of this record can probably be traced back to a record of the previous two decades, making Cyaegha’s efforts a bit redundant. Yet for the average death metal Joe, it is certainly worth a try. Knock yourself out!
Cyaegha - Steps Of Descent
70/1001Details Canonical Hours
Released on Friday Aug 8th, 2008
Death Metal

Writer @DemonDust on Monday Dec 1st, 2008

Tags: #Cyaegha
Tracklisting 1. Ulthar's Decree
2. Mask in Flesh
3. While Sarnath Lies Desolate
4. From the Depths
5. Obduction Sapientia
6. Epiphany of R'lyeh
7. Postmortem Enlightenment
8. Logos Immolated
9. Fuck-Start My Dinner
Line up Steve Redmond - Guitars
Daniel Cooley - Vocals
Mike Tweed - Bass
Matt Wells - Drums