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Ceremony - Still, Nothing Moves You
Ceremony from the infamous Bay Area rose many eyebrows in 2006 when they released their full-length Violence Violence. With that album they instantly planted themselves in the centre of the hardcore scene. Finally after two long years they’ve recorded the successor which is called Still, Nothing Moves You. The main question is of course if it was worth the wait.
The album starts with ´Dead Moon California (Midnight In Solitude)´ that goes back to basic with ´The Difference Between Looking And Seeing´. It's a complete build up of tension that bursts out whenever the second part kicks in and completely overwhelms you when you just don’t expect it. It’s pretty clear that Ceremony is pissed, really pissed. It’s been a long time since I’ve heard so much pure anger and hatred.
The album lasts for 20 minutes, and I find that rather short for an occasional album. But as far as this album goes it’s certainly enough. After twenty minutes, or 15 songs later for that matter, I was bruised and battered by the pure anger and hatred on this album, which left me speechless with goose bumps on my arms.
With the first releases Ceremony didn’t send any biography because they thought the music should speak for itself. I can tell you it does! Everything on this album is pure emotion which makes it one of the purest albums I’ve heard lately. For the people that are familiar with Violence Violence I can say that Ceremony hasn’t changed a bit. Although they’ve shown me they did grow within the music writing. An album that is a must have for fans. For the occasional metalhead; give it a try. It’s certainly an experience you’ll never forget.
Ceremony - Still, Nothing Moves You
86/1001Details Bridge Nine Records
Released on Tuesday Aug 5th, 2008

Writer @Niamen on Monday Dec 1st, 2008

Tags: #Ceremony
Tracklisting 01. Dead Moon California (Midnight in Solitude)
02. The Difference Between Looking and Seeing
03. Eraser Making Its Way Its Only Job
04. He -- God -- Has Favored Our Undertakings
05. A Blight on Mental Health
06. Plutocratic Swine Rake
07. Vagrant
08. Twenty Four Hour Fever Watch
09. Entropy: No Meaning Is Also an Answer
10. Carrying Flowers
11. In Facile
12. Overcast
13. Birth. Conspire. Be. Upset.
14. Uneven Pavement
15. Fading Sounds of Your Life
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