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Closer - A Darker Kind Of Salvation
When a band is named as “The Best Unsigned Band In Sweden (by Close Up Magazine), it sure means they’re a band to keep an eye on. You see, in some countries this wouldn’t necessarily say the band is really good. In Sweden however, home country to loads of other great metal bands, it actually means something to deserve this title. In my humble opinion, Closer is definitely a great addition to the already great roster of worthy metal bands.

Originating from a country with so many different influences, one shouldn’t look for too much originality in a band (I mean, look at the name of this band!). But what distinguishes the greater bands from the average teenage wannabe metal band, is the sheer passion and honesty that a band exposes on its album. And Closer, my fellow metal heads, did a great job on that.

Musically, this band is somewhat of a little brother of Soilwork, combined with influences from other great (melodic) death metal bands like Arch Enemy and the likes. The music is quite heavy and from the very first second, I just know you’ll be banging your head to this music. That is, if you’re into Soilwork and/or melodic death metal of course. Every song on this album contains catchy riffs, melodies en choruses and the fact that it’s not all too original, actually has a positive outcome. It makes you feel like you’ve known this band for years, in a good way of course!

Now, I could go on blabbering about how much I like this album, but I’ve chosen to keep it short. This band is not too original, yet very good. It created a very nice listen with A Darker Kind Of Salvation and fans of Soilwork should definitely give Closer a try. Good chance of ending up in my yearlist 2008!
Closer - A Darker Kind Of Salvation
82/1001Details Pulverised Records
Released on Monday Oct 27th, 2008
Melodic Death Metal

Writer @Boek on Thursday Dec 4th, 2008

Tags: #Closer
Tracklisting 01. Chaos Internal
02. It Dwells In Darkness
03. A Darker Kind Of Salvation
04. Open Your Eyes
05. What Am I?
06. Caressing The Insane
07. Places Of Pain
08. This Hate
09. Hell Is Where The Heart Is
10. Shelter From It
Line up Andreas – Vocals
Per – Guitar, Vocals
Johannes – Bass
Tobbe – Drums