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Wackmobil - Creviced

Wackmobil is a Dutch band with an unique style. The band started in 1998 with experimenting. In the end of 2000 they played their first show after a few changes in the line-up. With this line up they recorded a demo in 2002. After that a new drummer was introduced into the band. And that band now gave us a demo with 5 songs on it. Let's see what this band brings us.

The style this band plays is a mix of different styles. Real heavy parts and riffs are common but the changes to softer parts are used in a good perspective. The main genre can be described as Nu-Metal. But the influences of other styles can clearly be heard. The first song on this demo is called 'WMB'. The changes from hard to soft can be heard in this song very well. The vocals are of good quality and the music makes the song complete.

After a couple of songs the voice becomes a bit awkward. It doesn't bring variation to the music. The variating riffs and drums make the music interesting but the style does not change that much.

My personal favorite of this demo is 'WMB' because the music is refreshing here. If this band would experiment a little bit more and keep the same groove they can reach a lot of people.

The demo of Wackmobil sure got my attention. I have listened to it various times and in the beginning the new sound looked great. But the lack of variation in the demo degrates the complete demo. My advise is to use the same extreme feeling that is put into this demo, but try to add some extreme elements to let it blow away the other CDs in this genre.

Wackmobil - Creviced
70/1001Details The Electric Co
Released on Thursday Oct 26th, 2006
Nu Metal

Writer @Buzzin Hornet on Monday Jul 19th, 2004

Tags: #Wackmobil
Tracklisting WMB
Try Smiling
Biq A
Line up Ruben - Vocals
Stefan - Guitar
Erik - Guitar
Tim - Bass
Jaap - Drums