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Treachery - Treachery
This industrial/electronic black metal three piece is the fourth U.S. metal band that names itself Treachery, yet this one operates in a different region than those others. This one is a project of two men and a woman who all hold well respected solo projects in industrial electronics and breakcore. Not the most common of black metal artists. Let’s see where this has lead to on this debut EP.
The first track of the record offers a dark, ambient, doom/industrial soundscape which is a mild and relaxing introduction. The atmosphere is very sinister and cold, as the style suits best. The second track erupts in a ferocious black metal attack with vocalist Hecate (the woman of the three piece) spits out her hate about the world. They continue on this path for the rest of the EP, setting a grim and cold atmosphere with screeching guitars, harsh ugly vocals and devastating electronics and beats. Except when we hit the last song, which is more like the first one of this record, only even more ambient and sinister. Which later on results in total terror and chaos.
Treachery has really managed to give a bit of a sound of their own to the black metal scene, without losing touch of the whole idea of this scene. It still sounds like black metal, only in a bit more progressive way. I am quite curious to what other projects these three have out there, I have to say. If it’s anything like this I must get my hands on it. Fans of experimental black metal should keep an eye out for this self-titled EP.
Treachery - Treachery
74/1001Details Czar Of Crickets
Released on Friday Nov 21st, 2008
Ambient Electronic Industrial Black Metal

Writer @DemonDust on Thursday Dec 4th, 2008

Tags: #Treachery
Tracklisting 1. Inception
2. Kiss The Fist
3. Bound In Your Entrails
4. Could Not Find Her Heart
5. Enter Dominion
Line up Abelcain - seven string assault and battery
Hecate - vox and weltanschauung
Slutmachine - bass overlord and production