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ID:Vision - Plazmadkaos
Formed in 2002 under the name Iratus Dominus, this Belarusian band released one record in 2005 and changed their name to ID:Vision. With this change they added a shitload of electronics to their music. And after releasing two demos last year, the band released their debut full length in the same year, entitled Plazmadkaos. This year the Russian label Haarbn Productions released it upon the world.
ID:Vision is a brutal death metal band with a lot of groove fast bashing. The band has added electronics into their music to distinguish themselves from the masses, which is done in an innovative way. A spectrum of bleeps, peeps, synthesizers and beats are thrown over the brutal metal songs, creating a busy and hectic whole. I personally love this kind of stuff, but I feel like not all of ID:Vision’s electronic sounds really match with the music. It doesn’t sound cohesive sometimes. Other than that, I’d say that Plazmadkaos is a fun listen!
All in all this record offers a dynamic band with a lot of perspective for the future. If they pull the metal and electronic sounds a bit tighter together and turn the production and mixing up a few notches, then this might become a real serious competitor on an international level. Definitely suited for fans of Fear Factory and Strapping Young Lad, but just as easily for fans of Chimaira and Slipknot.
ID:Vision - Plazmadkaos
72/1001Details Haarbn Productions
Released on Monday Aug 4th, 2008
Industrial Black/Death Metal

Writer @DemonDust on Thursday Dec 4th, 2008

Tags: #ID:Vision
Tracklisting 1. The Axe Of Wrath
2. Doden Force Division
3. Disphenoid`s Equilibrium
4. The Funeral Of Altruism
5. Beyond Ice, Beyond Death…
6. D.T.I.O.G.
7. Deathcamp Prelude
8. Decagon Deathcamp
9. I.N.R.I.
10. Mel[un]holy
Line up W-Todd All-X-Thunder - Guitar, vocals, programming
Forneus - Drums
Werwolfe - Bass
Mr. Resistor - Vocals
War-Tex - Synthesizers
Tirpitz - Live guitar