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Tribe After Tribe - M.O.A.B. Stories From Deuteronomy
MOAB, the desert chilled it for 40 years, but also an abbreviation for the Mother Of All Bombs. Tribe After Tribe is sad that people have been killing each other for millennia. Which of course is sad, but so are a lot of other things. They decided to write a record about it, and honestly, the message is clear. Too bad System Of A Down had the same message, only with better music.

However, let's not get too bitchy right away. We're here to discuss the music, and that's not half bad on this disc. It's just really, reeeeaaaallllyyy fucking sad that it's interrupted by a woman with fake fucked up British accent all the time that is reading from the book of Deuteronomy, whatever the hell that may be. I thought the record company pulled a trick, so the album wouldn't be sellable after reviewing it!

The music itself ranges from good to very good, if you're into ambient buildups and have a lot of patience. The atmosphere the album breathes is one alike the soundtrack to the motion picture Underworld. By this I mean the atmosphere, do not, I repeat: do not expect songs of the level of Puscifer's 'Rev 22:20'. Highlights are 'Truth & Reconciliation' and 'Holy City Warrior'. It's too bad there are also some downsides like 'Chiron' and the woman mentioned earlier.

Close, but no sigar! There was more potential in this project than this album reflects.
Tribe After Tribe - M.O.A.B. Stories From Deuteronomy
73/1001Details Rodeostar
Released on Monday Oct 20th, 2008

Writer @LondonCustoms on Friday Dec 5th, 2008

Tags: #Tribe After Tribe
Tracklisting 01. YHVH Invokation
02. Deuteronomy Excerpt I
03. Supreme One
04. Burning Bush
05. Truth And Reconciliation
06. Run
07. Radio Arafat
08. Warrior
09. Lament
10. Chiron
11. Deuteronomy excerpt II
12. Understanding The Water
13. Deuteronomy excerpt III
14. Shock And Awe
15. Red Sky
16. World Drum
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