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Blockheads / Mumakil - Split Records
This great split record holds two of the most talented European grindcore bands. The French Blockheads and the Swiss Mumakil have teamed up for a collection of brutal mayhem that scares the shit out of every average human. Let’s grind!
The three tracks provided by Blockheads are a brutal, relentless attack that reaches high speeds and doesn’t give you any pauses to breathe at all. The third track, ‘Follow The Bombs’, offer some more diversity though. It ends with a brutal breakdown that finishes with just the bass and drums. Great songs by one of the better French bands out there.
We continue on the path of violent noise with Mumakil, who have dubbed their style of grindcore as blastcore. That saves me a great deal of explaining about this talented band, for they blast, beat, smack and rape the shit out of your ears like it is their last day on earth. With members also playing in Knut and other talented bands, it is obvious these guys can deliver good quality grindcore with a lot of variation and interesting song structures. A great band that is going to achieve great things, I hope.
What more to say? This split record makes you hunger for more tracks from both bands, that’s for sure. Grinders should definitely check this one out and pick it up if you come across a copy. It’s worth your money.
Blockheads / Mumakil - Split Records
85/1001Details Bones Brigade Records
Released on Saturday Nov 1st, 2008

Writer @DemonDust on Saturday Dec 6th, 2008

Tags: #Blockheads / Mumakil
Tracklisting Blockheads:
1. Buenos Aires
2. Famin
3. Follow The Bombs

4. Wish You The Worst
5. No Warning
6. Doomed
Line up Blockheads:
Xav - Vocals
Fred - Guitar, Vocals
Nico - Drums, Vocals
Raph - Guitar
Erik - Bass, Vocals

Thomas - Vocals
Jéjé - Guitars
Taverne - Bass
Seb - Drums