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The Modern Age Slavery - Damned To Blindness
The Modern Age Slavery is the symphony of the restless ones that pierces the anxiety of the human mind. It is the need for sweat as an eternal condemnation. It is the longing to collapse exhausted and rise up again to behold the world with different eyes. At least that’s what the promo sheet has to say about The Modern Age Slavery. The truth about this Italian band is quite simple. It rose from the ashes of Browbeat in 2007, since then they’ve released a demo which convinced Napalm Records to sign the band world wide and let them record their debut album which is called Damned To Blindness.
After a somewhat industrial like intro the album kicks you right in the nuts with ‘Red Lines Of Obsession’. It’s pretty obvious that The Modern Age Slavery is here to brutally kick ass. Within the first minutes of the album, the standard ingredients for a deathcore album are all present. Tight drum work that constantly pushes the song forward and guitarists that are riffing like their lives depend on it. Add to this a vocalist that can scream his lungs out in the hardcore way, but is also well capable of creating a nice clear grunt and you’ll have an idea of how The Modern Age Slavery could sound.
A sound that overwhelms you from time to time. Especially with the songs ‘Drop By Drop’ and ‘The Sublime Decadence Of An Era’. Like these songs, the album is filled with tempo changes, breaks and sometimes great melody lines. On the contrary, there are also some songs on the album that don’t have any impact on me.
Considering this is the debut album of this band I'd say they did a hell of a job. You can question yourself if The Modern Age Slavery created an original album or not. And I do have to admit, that what they’ve shown here is as original as the turkey on Thanksgiving. But on the other hand this debut album does sound as brutal as a fistfuck with your wristwatch on. My opinion! Keep an eye out for this band because they do have some nice potential. Especially if they can create the same tightness on stage as on this album.
The Modern Age Slavery - Damned To Blindness
78/1001Details Napalm Records
Released on Monday Dec 1st, 2008

Writer @Niamen on Sunday Dec 7th, 2008

Tags: #The Modern Age Slavery
Tracklisting 1. Progenies Of Ancient Slaves
2. Red Lines Of Obsessions
3. Damned To Blindness
4. Drop By Drop
5. A Desert To Die For
6. Vile Mother Earth
7. The Sublime Decadence Of An Era
8. Shell Of Perversion
9. Descent To Oblivion
10. Purple
11. The Modern Age Slavery
12. Wolverine Blues (Entombed cover)
Line up Giovanni Berselli - vocals
Luca Cocconi - guitar
Simone Bertozzi - guitar
Mirco Bennati - bass
Gregorio Ferrarese - drums