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The Electric Wizard - We Live

Finally, the masters of doom have returned. And how! A complete new line-up that features names that send shivers down my spine. The creator of the best doom album ever (Dopethrone) Jus Osborn has certainly chosen the right people to create an album with. Now sit back, relax and listen. Maximum volume for maximum result for all you potheads out there!


The new line-up consist of mastermind Jus Osborn as the only original member, Justin Greaves from Iron Monkey on drums, Rob Al-Issa on bass and for the first time ever Electric Wizard has a second guitarist to increase the noise. And that guitarist is none other than Liz Buckingham from Sourvein.


If you’re familiar with Electric Wizard I can say that the music hasn’t changed that much. Most tracks are incredibly slow (especially "Saturn’s Children"), which I like, while other tracks like "Another Perfect Day?" have a pass that show a more stoner approach. That’s good for the variety of the album.


The biggest change (besides that they have put "The" in front of their name now) that I have found is that the vocals have improved dramatically. On the earlier albums the vocals without effects on them seem a bit like they don’t reach what they’re trying to reach, but on We Live this is no longer the case.

I have nothing else to tell you about this album anymore, except that if you’re into doom and you don’t know this band you don’t know what you’re missing. Buy this album!


Even though this new album doesn’t surpass the ultimate masterpiece Dopethrone it’s one of the best releases we’ll see this year. Now let’s hope that these guys, and girl, will start touring soon.


Crucified by the sun

In the shadow of the iron cross

Saturn’s children will come

Invoke the supercoven


Many armed we strike

Like wolves in the night

And the cross turns to black…


I have no idea what all this means but it’s in the lay-out and I thought it sounded cool…




1. Eko Eko Azarak

2. We Live

3. Flower Of Evil a.k.a. Malfiore

4. Another Perfect Day?

5. The Sun Has Turned To Black

6. Saturn’s Children



Jus Osborn – guitar, fx, vocals

Justin Greaves – drums, percussion

Rob Al-Issa – deadly bassdose

Liz Buckingham – guitar

The Electric Wizard - We Live
94/1001Details Rise Above Records
Released on Tuesday Nov 30th, -0001
Doom metal

Writer @DemonDust on Monday Jul 19th, 2004

Tags: #The Electric Wizard
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