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No Mercy - Dark Celebrity
Nowadays it seems that every Italian is in a metal band, which however isn’t a guarantee for quality. The fivesome going by the name of No Mercy (not to be confused with the power metal band with the same name, from the same country that wrote a tribute to Yngwie J. Malmsteen) was founded in 1997, but have only three demos under their belt, of which Dark Celebrity is their latest.

This four-song demo offers a wide variety of metal songs. The first one, entitled ‘Cosmic Cum’, opens furiously with tight drums (of which I doubt if they’re real or made with a drum computer), a sharp guitar riff and features some kind of industrial atmosphere. The vocals aren’t the best part of this song; the grunt and screams sound as an inferior black metal throat. Yet, this is quite a nice song, brutal and well audible.

The second song kicks in with an electro/industrial sample. Exciting? Yes. And so is the drum pattern that follows. But the continuation of the song is anything but great. The vocals are even less convincing, the guitar solo not special at all, though most misplaced are the female gothic vocals that occur halfway this song. At this point I have no idea what kind of band I’m listening to. No Mercy heavily changes from style (black, thrash, death, industrial) within seconds, which only makes it chaotic.

You Lose’ on its turn, sounds more as a blackened death metal track. The vocals are a bit better now, but the overall song is not stunning. And so is the sudden swing to gothic at the end of the track, which is rather confusing than charming. The final track of this fifteen-minute demo sounds the same as the third track, but alters just like the other songs to something different. This time it changes to a symphonic soundtrack that eventually sounds fine, although it makes this disc even weirder.

In the end, I come to the conclusion that this band has potential since their playing skills are all right. Yet, I certainly have to advise them to dramatically change the way of songwriting. Choose a path or a genre, and don’t continue to mix them all up cause that makes it sound mad. If that’s the goal, I won’t be interested in their next outcome.
No Mercy - Dark Celebrity
55/1001Details Self-Released
Released on Friday Dec 21st, 2007

Writer @Mindsaver on Monday Dec 8th, 2008

Tags: #No Mercy
Tracklisting 01. Cosmic Cum
02. Dark Celebrity
03. You Lose
04. Cadaverous Mon Amou
Line up Marco Stanzione - Vocals
Roberto Navarra - Guitar
Luca Giobbe - Guitar
Norman Veccia - Bass
Andrea Simonetti - Drums