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Prostitute Disfigurement - Descendants Of Depravity
In front of me lies Descendants Of Depravity, Prostitute Disfigurement’s final record since they decided to part ways after the release. A true bummer because this band belongs to my list of all time favourite live acts. They always managed to perform a brutal, yet utterly tight set of death metal. Let’s see what their last present has to offer.

This record actually makes it even worse that this band called it a day. Descendants Of Depravity is a more than terrific disc that pulverizes your eardrums into pulp - at least if you can make it ‘till the end. Opener ‘Torn In Bloated Form’ is immediately a track that should be nominated for best death metal song of the year. The start of that song is pretty much more intense than anything else you were playing before this record.

The following songs confirm that Prostitute Disfigurement has changed its path on their last work. Everything is very well audible, while the whole album remains so violent. This is caused mainly due to the drum sound that has the same power as for example Hate Eternal. It really reaches the level of their live performances. ‘In Sanity Concealed’ has a Misery Index-like grind touch to it, ‘Killing For Company’s guitar play and drums create a killer groove while ‘Fatal Fornication’s outburst is more than insane. Final track of the album ‘Sworn To Degeneracy’, has this epic sound of squeezing guitar solos and the end of the song leaves you craving for more.

The new material sounds a lot different than the band’s previous work. It won’t surprise me if old fans have problems with the new album, since they dropped the guttural vocals. Also the production has been changed massively. Until Left In Grisly Fashion, all the albums sounded very underground, but Descendants Of Depravity takes a distance from that, being crystal clear. I therefore like to compare Prostitute with another Dutch monster; Legion Of The Damned. Although Legion acts in the regions of thrash, they actually share the same fine production and the tight drum sound while they still remain very brutal.

Those who doubt if they’ll dig the modern Prostitute Disfigurement, should just take a try, but anyone else into well produced pieces of brutal death metal can buy this album blindly. The artwork has been done by Par Olofsson (Psycroptic, Disavowed) who succeeded in completing this CD as a wanted product. If you buy the limited edition, you'll also get a bonus DVD. Now what more do you want?? Obviously a tour...
Prostitute Disfigurement - Descendants Of Depravity
89/1001Details Neurotic Records
Released on Monday Mar 17th, 2008
Brutal Death Metal

Writer @Mindsaver on Monday Dec 8th, 2008

Tags: #Prostitute Disfigurement
Tracklisting 01. Torn In Bloated Form
02. The Sadist King And The Generallissimo Of Pain
03. In Sanity Concealed
04. Killing For Company
05. Storm Of The Fiend
06. Life Depraved
07. Carnal Rapture
08. Fatal Fornication
09. Sworn To Degeneracy
Line up Niels Adams - Vocals
Roel - Guitar
Benny - Guitar
Patrick - Bass
Michiel van der Plicht - Drums