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Mind Gone Blind - Liars & Preachers
Seeing the cover art of the album I had to review this time, Liars & Preachers, it instantly gave me the impression I was dealing with some kind of a gothic rock band here or, with Rising Records backing them, it also could have been some kind of metal/emocore band. Mind Gone Blind proves you can’t judge a book by its cover though. With their debut album they present the listener some good old 70s and 90s inspired rock.
From the start of opener ‘Say You Will’ you’ll notice that Mind Gone Blind is musically influenced by bands like Led Zeppelin. Some will say the music therefore sounds a bit outdated, but that’s not the problem with this four-piece band from the North-East of Scotland. They’ve made a really decent record which is pleasing to hear, but they just don't stand out anywhere.
What does stand out on this record are the vocals of Gary Moyes. His vocal chords were probably produced in the same factory as those of Pearl Jam’s Eddie Vedder. This results in almost the same sound as when this icon of alternative rock would have done Mind Gone Blind lead vocals. Gary obviously can’t do anything about his vocal chords, but it would be wise to try some different styles of singing on the next record. When he would continue this way, Mind Gone Blind will probably be labeled as “just some Pearl Jam cover-band” and that would be a shame for these guys.
All in all, there is nothing really wrong with this record. On the other hand, the album also hasn’t got any highlight whatsoever and that makes it just an “okay” release.
Mind Gone Blind - Liars & Preachers
73/1001Details Rising Records
Released on Friday Nov 7th, 2008

Writer @Gilles on Friday Dec 12th, 2008

Tags: #Mind Gone Blind
Tracklisting 01. Say You Will
02. Fragile
03. Somebody Else
04. Liars & Preachers
05. Be
06. Getting Back
07. Chains
08. Die & Start Again
09. Redline
10. Convicted
11. Just
Line up Gary Moyes – Vocals
Shane Younie – Guitar
Michael Forrest – Bass
Rob Hendry – Drums