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Llynch - We Are Our Ghost
Since the formation of the band, the main goal never changed: creating something memorable and meaningful that every member of the band could identify with. This creative process might take longer than usual but in the end the result is something unique, uncompromising and rewarding. That’s what the bio of the band tells us. It also tells us that We Are Our Ghosts is the first full-length of these Germans. Well I’m pretty curious about this band because these kind of bands can sometimes be a true enrichment to your music collection.
The album starts with ‘Symbol Repetition’, which immediately kicks you in the face. Luckily it’s just a wakeup call when the album begins. After the aggressiveness, the song is somewhat tempered. What’s left, is a sort of post hardcore song with several influences of metal and hardcore. The names that currently are circling in my head are Deftones, Zao, Oceansize and Cult Of Luna. This song gives you more or less the idea of what’s more to come on the album.
After several songs I would say my first impression is quite okay. The music is well taken care of and the production seems to be good. The only major setback that I can think of, is that all the songs that are played can’t hold my attention. The music of Llynch can’t grab me by the throat and takes a hold of it. The feeling of an album that grabs you an takes a hold of you is essential for an album like this and to be honest, We Are Our Ghost doesn’t have that effect on me.
In the end Llynch came up with a decent album that may satisfy fans of Zao. To me personally, it is more of an in between. The album is not bad but the music just doesn’t affect me.
Llynch - We Are Our Ghost
65/1001Details Bastardized Recordings
Released on Friday Nov 28th, 2008

Writer @Niamen on Saturday Dec 13th, 2008

Tags: #Llynch
Tracklisting 01. Symbol Repetition
02. Athena
03. Floating North
04. Eyes Towards Oort
05. Lost! Lost!
06. If It Ain't Rotten, It Ain't Mine
07. A History of Gentlemen
08. Morla (featuring Caro Streck)
09. We Are Our Ghosts
10. Llizzards
Line up P Hell - vocals
M Feit - guitar/keys
M Kraemer - guitar
C Breuer - bass/electronics
M Rosner - drums