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Nocte Obducta - Sequenzen Einer Wanderung
Now this just pisses me off. I get to listen to a great two song album by the German Nocte Obducta and when researching the band, I find out this is their farewell album. It’s like getting a pretty kitten for your birthday which commits suicide by running under a car the next day. Nevertheless, I will give this avant-garde metal band what they deserve even though Sequenzen Einer Wanderung is the last we will hear from them.

Experimental is probably the term that describes Nocte Obducta best. Long intros, even longer acoustic parts and a lot of vocal samples during the instrumental bits. These vocal samples include men whispering, women on the telephone and such. To me it’s the kind of cd you put in your stereo, just to close your eyes and enjoy it. To others it can be terribly boring when you’re not into ambient, atmospheric music.

After listening 'Ende' one might wander if you should confuse lack of talent for intelligence. I think many people will doubt whether Nocte Obducta are as genius like as they try to come across with this semi-sophisticated music which is a bit hard to follow or that they produced a lucky shot when trying.

They obviously demonstrate that they indeed are intelligent musicians when you listen carefully to 'Nebel II'. Even though it’s a completely different song compared to 'Ende', it fits the album perfectly. The dark shivers Nocte Obducta gave me during 'Ende' are back during the second track, despite the fact this song is very progressive in comparison.

I’m still bummed out Nocte Obducta has split up, but grateful that they ended it with the amazing Sequenzen Einer Wanderung.
Nocte Obducta - Sequenzen Einer Wanderung
85/1001Details Supreme Chaos Records
Released on Friday Dec 5th, 2008

Writer @Kaar on Tuesday Dec 16th, 2008

Tags: #Nocte Obducta
Tracklisting 1. Ende
2. Nebel II
Line up Marcel – Vocals, guitar
Torsten – Vocals
Matthias – Drums
Flange – Vocals, keyboard
Patrick – Bass
Stefan - Guitar