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Scavenger - Madness to our Method

I don't think there's anyone in the world who hasn't heard of Ireland before. You know, that country located to the west of the United Kingdom where beer flows as water, leprechauns inhabit the green hills and clover grows in every backyard lawn.


...But this isn't all there is to Ireland...

...They also have Scavenger!



The first thing I noticed whilst playing the entire CD of these Irish Powerthrashers, is that they have quite long instrumental pieces. At first I thought nothing of it, not paying attention to the notes in between, only enjoying the sharp edged guitarsound.

However, after a while some instrumental interludes tended to bore me when listening to the record. They didn't, but they sure came close to the danger zone...


Vocalist Peter Dunne isn't your regular metal vocalist in the likes of Tobias Sammet (Edguy) and Karl Christoffer Göbel (Falconer). No, he has a very own sound and I tell you:

You have to like it.

I liked it, but only the lower tuned vocals, like in Storm Warning and Daydreams in Dystopia, which sound more thrashy. In trying to reach higher, Peter loses quite some of his vocal strength. A pity, because you can hear he really does try his best.


The guitar riffs are really okay and sprout forth an urge to release your inner beast. Songs like Storm Warning and Unstoppable Motion, Daydreams in Dystopia hold that power, that energy, to set rage free and let it wreak havoc on anything it lays it's eyes on.

It's too bad a lot of the content is slower than the average powermetal / thrashmetal band. It takes away a lot of the power that other songs build up.


The biggest loss of all however, is the lack of guitar solos. There are some guitar leads, but no solos at all. The sound of guitar solos is something I rate very highly with a powermetalband. It's too bad none are to be found on Madness to our Method.


Now, don't go thinking that that this is a bad album through all the negative comment. On the contrary: these Irishmen show a lot of potential and their sound is full of agression and energy. If they work on their song compilation a little, things should even better than they sound at the moment.


Absolute favorite song: Storm Warning

1. On the Outside
2. Storm Warning
3. Ethereal Journey
4. Prisoner of Time
5. Instrumental
6. Unstoppable Force
7. Daydreams in Dystopia

Peter Dunne: vocals
Niall Cooney: bass
Noel Maher: guitars
Johnny Kerr: drums

Scavenger - Madness to our Method
74/1001Details Sentinel Records
Released on Tuesday Nov 30th, -0001
Power Metal

Writer @Bastian Blackrain on Friday Jun 3rd, 2005

Tags: #Scavenger
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