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Dear Superstar - Heartless
This UK based emo-punk/glamrock outfit started out in 2004. In that time they released two albums, this being their second release. In the UK they did a lot of tour-supports for bigger bands like Bullet For My Valentine, Hanoi Rocks and Wednesday 13.

The front cover is kind of misleading, because I first thought it was a side-project of the Lacuna Coil female singer Christina Scabbia! The girl on the front cover looks a lot like her. Instead of a Lacuna Coil side project, we get a young band out of England; that takes a lot of afford in sounding like a shitty copy of bands like Avenged Sevenfold and a poppy Mötley Crüe.

Everything about this release is done way too neat, slick and smooth; the production of the record, the songs, the music itself and the singer's voice. The whole record reeks like another “rock” boy-band that has been marketed to please all those adolescent emo/punk-rock kiddies. The biography speaks even of ‘These rude, tattooed, straight talking, port (what in the name!) drinking Rock-stars!’. When you are able to fill complete arenas, then you are a rock-star! And rock-stars certainly don’t drink fucking port!

I really tried to find something interesting on this record, but not one song that sticks to your mind. It sounds like fucking fast-food. You eat a lot of it, but you are never satisfied! Another critical point is their singer, which sounds like an annoying teenager who is heartbroken by his first girlfriend or boyfriend! Perhaps the closest to a decent song is 'Hollywood Whore', which sounds like a Mötley Crüe song in their Dr. Feelgood period.

I’m sure this band will get a lot of airplay and attention in the UK. Surely a lot of youngsters with black nail-polish and emo-looks will love this band, but this music is too empty for me. There is no passion, soul and rawness in this band. Too bad!
Dear Superstar - Heartless
21/1001Details Demolition Records
Released on Monday Oct 20th, 2008

Writer @RoyBalowski on Monday Dec 22nd, 2008

Tags: #Dear Superstar
Tracklisting 01. Brink Of Destruction
02. Brothers In Blood
03. Live Love Lie
04. Signposts To Bedposts
05. Anytime Anyplace
06. Raised Voices And Confrontations
07. Rock Bottom
08. Hollywood Whore
09. Diseased And Distraught
10. Can't Write A Love Song
Line up Micky Satiar - vocals
Smeth - guitars
Milton Gunns - guitars
Amadeus - bass
The Minge - drums