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Insision - Revealed And Worshipped


I still had to make some album reviews, so Insision with Revealed And Worshipped is the first one. When I look at the promo example I got, I see that Mieszko Talarczyk of Nasum did the producing of the album. Because Nasum have released one of the best death/grind albums in the past 2 years, I was looking forward to this album.


The very first song No Believe kicks in with no regression, the sound is tip top and especially the brutal vocals make the sound. They compare themselves with several bands including Suffocation, and I agree with that. Just listen to the older albums and you’ll hear the similarities. The originality isn’t very high, but the music is really intense and keeps me jumping of my chair constantly. So far so good, I say, but when the 4th song begins my dick begins to minimize. Damn, I really hate stupid intros. It’s the title song as well, but it’s just plainly bullshit and that for 2.30 minutes. The Unrest is the next song, that made me forgot about that annoying intro like song. This song kicks in nicely after listening to 2.30 minutes of nothing! After that Grotesque Plague Mass begins to play, which intro reminded me on Cannibal Corpse. I also liked the 7th song The Foul Smell Of Humans, because of the headbanging tempo, that’s really kicking in brutally and in my opinion the best song of the album because of the sheer brutality. In The Gallows is a much slower song and again Suffocation mixed with Cannibal Corpse enters my head, with a little taste of Grave in it. Now there is one thing left for me, and that’s mentioning the last 2 songs, which are both so fucking brutal that our house was shaking on its fundaments.



I can only conclude that Incision have worked a great deal about this album, and with the excellent production of Mieszko Talarczyk this is certainly worth listening to. If you can listen to brutal death metal in the vein of Suffocation, Grave and Cannibal Corpse, you should give this album a try. The only bad thing about it was the title song, which should have been a blasting song, but too bad, we can’t have it all!


Track List:


1: No Belief
2: Imminent Vision
3: We Did Not Come To Heal
4: Revealed And Worshipped
5: The Unrest
6: Grotesque Plague Mass
7: The Foul Smell Of Humans
8: In The Gallows
9: The Cleansing
10: Havoc
11: Ideas Of Revolution


Line Up:


Vocals – Carl Birath
Guitars – Roger Johansson
Bass – Daniel Ekroth
Drums – Marcus Johnsson

Insision - Revealed And Worshipped
85/1001Details Earache Recordings
Released on Tuesday Nov 30th, -0001
Death Metal

Writer @Mat-Core on Saturday Aug 14th, 2004

Tags: #Insision
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