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Darkcreed - Dark Regions
The Mexican band Darkcreed released two demos in the late nineties, after which they disappeared. This year they resurfaced with this brand new EP entitled Dark Regions. The members of the band have now moved to places in Sweden and the U.K., let’s see how this affected their music.
Well there must have been some reason for these guys to move to Sweden. That becomes clear immediately when Dark Regions commences. Darkcreed is heavily influenced by the death metal sound of Swedish giants like Entombed, Afflicted, General Surgery, Carnage and Dismember to name a few. This means nicely produced mid-tempo grooving death ‘n’ roll which is perfect to drinks some beers and bang your head to.
One weird thing though, the vocals occasionally remind me a lot of that retarded Limp Bizkit side-project BigDumbFace. That record featured some death metal songs as well, and they use about the same vocal effect/production. Quite weird.
All in all this six song EP doesn’t add anything to the genre, yet it is a nice listen for those who listen to nothing other than Swedish death ‘n’ roll.
Darkcreed - Dark Regions
68/1001Details Soulseller Records
Released on Saturday Feb 23rd, 2008
Death Metal

Writer @DemonDust on Tuesday Dec 23rd, 2008

Tags: #Darkcreed
Tracklisting 1. Sinner Mind
2. Hell To Reborn
3. The Unnamed Holy Fake
4. Encoffined
5. Dark Regions
6. Deathless Ones
Line up Andres Furukawa - Vocals
Miguel Angeles - Guitar, Bass
J.C. Chavez - Drums