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Devils Gift - S/T
Devil’s Gift debuts with their self-titled album. The band is formed around Lennon Murphy. Lennon has already made a name for herself in the States by her solowork, which is way more rock/pop oriented than Devil’s Gift is. Also Jason Suecof (producer of Chimaira a.o.) plays a big rol, since he produced the album and played all instruments (except for drums) on this album.
The musical style of Devil’s Gift can be described as a mix between Guano Apes and a random nu-metal band with a dash of a very very lite version of Walls of Jericho (mainly because of the used screams).
This album can be typified as an album with two faces. On one hand you can clearly hear that there are some talented musicians at work, but they don’t always translate those talents in interesting songs. Some even sound really outdated, because of the typical 90’s nu-metal distorted guitar sound accompanied by a scream which isn’t always convincing. It almost seems like they rushed things, because there are definitely songs that I really like. ‘Final Words´ and ´Sacrifice´ are among those. It's just too bad that those are followed up with a really cheesy song as ‘Beautiful You’.
Besides the difference in quality level between the songs, I think that Lennon can do much better than this. She sounds a bit flat sometimes, almost as if it’s sung without any power of emotion. I also think that a bit more variety in the use of guitar riffs couldn’t hurt. I hardly heard any guitar solos or suprising riffs. It sounds like they pulled up a wall of sound and that they were satisfied with that result and didn’t bother to work out some more riffs.
Is this a worthless CD? No, of course not. There are too much songs on it that I really like. And the production is excellent. If they work on their songwriting skills, their second album could be a killer. I for one am looking forward to it!
Devils Gift - S/T
74/1001Details Tiefdruck-Musik
Released on Monday Dec 15th, 2008

Writer @Neurotic on Tuesday Dec 23rd, 2008

Tags: #Devils Gift
Tracklisting 1. Looking For Jesus
2. Shadow Never Ending
3. Victim
4. Damned Angels
5. Final Words
6. Sacrifice
7. Beautiful You
8. All That You Left
9. Nobody
10. Hold On
11. Bleed You Out
12. Game Show Winner
13. One On One
Line up Lennon Murphy – Vocals
Jason Suecof – Guitars
Dave Eltich - Drums