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Grave Desecrator - Sign of Doom
More Brazilians! Black/death metal band Grave Desecrator has released their first full length Sign of Doom. First thing that crossed my mind when I read the pseudonyms of the band members was: are these guys fucking kidding me?

I will tell you what you should prepare yourself for when you plan on listening to these insane Brazilians. You can expect anal invaders in the song Carnal Obsession, naked virgins during Devil’s Revenge and frozen guts in the track Revelations (of the Beast).

If you like the terms mentioned above and you like your black metal filthy and thrashy, I can guarantee you, you will love Grave Desecrator. It’s anti-Christian, obscene, vulgar and erotic in a very foul way. Some women may find it offensive, but I don’t write for the ignorant. Sign of Doom is an evil, despicable release, which you should give a chance for the rotten smell and intense hatred the music produces.
Grave Desecrator - Sign of Doom
80/1001Details Ketzer Records
Released on Wednesday Dec 24th, 2008
Black/ Death Metal

Writer @Kaar on Wednesday Dec 24th, 2008

Tags: #Grave Desecrator
Tracklisting 1. Sign of Doom
2. Revelations (of the Beast)
3. Faces of Apocalyptic Battle
4. Christ’s Blood
5. Carnal Obsession
6. Midnight Sinner
7. Rise to Destruction
8. Cursed Mass
9. Holocaust
10. Devil’s Revenge
Line up Butcherazor – Vocals, guitar
Valak the Necrogoat – Bass
Black Sin and Damnation – Guitar
Adramaleck - Drums