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Cheeno - The Next Step Will Be The Hardest
Cheeno was formed back in august 2005 by dudes that played in a band called Autumnblaze, who apparantly made 6 albums and toured Europe for about 4 times (who knew?), and solo vocalist Jennie Kloos. In Germany (that's where they're from, for those who don't know where that is, it's right next to Holland) they already received "the best alternative act 2006" award. Strangely enough they only had one EP out at the moment. That's it for the bio part, if you want more, just check their website, which is pretty sweet with some videos and music on it as well.

The first thing that drew the attention when this dropped in my mailbox, is the album length. Quite scary isn't it? Cheeno thought it was necessary to put a lot of album fillers on this disc, in attempt to get an overall dark vibe throughout the album and it actually kinda worked out. Instead of it being annoying and pissing you off, it's actually pretty much bearable and adds something to the album. Speaking of annoying and unbearable things, female vocalists in rock and metal.; not my cup of tea, but somehow this chick pulls it off!!

Where the music is pretty heavy and hard, she has a friendly, kind, and girlish voice which creates a great contrast! This woman can really...ehh..sing! The guitars are heavy on this album, as are the drums. The overall sound is modern rock, a nice warm compressed sound. It's easy to draw a line between Cheeno and Evanescence, but Cheeno is a bit more expirimental and just simply the better of the two.

Highlight: 'Silizium'.
Cheeno - The Next Step Will Be The Hardest
83/1001Details Prevision music
Released on Friday Dec 5th, 2008
Alternative rock/metal

Writer @LondonCustoms on Friday Jan 2nd, 2009

Tags: #Cheeno
Tracklisting 1. Bo-toxx Mind Society
2. 64ad
3. Invsible
4. Buddhistic Hands
5. @
6. You
7. Pacman
8. …
9. Silizium
10. Go
11. Into a New State
13. Floor no7
14. Bye Sequence
15. Dragonfly Rise
16. So Shy / The Final Act
17. The Next Step Will Be the Hardest
Line up Jennie Kloos - Vocals
Joey Seidl - Guitar
Phil HIllen - Guitar
Carsten Pinkle - Bass
Mike Müller - Drums, Percussion