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Left To Vanish - Versus The Throne
This American band out of Philadelphia unleashed their fury on their second album called Versus The Throne. Normally I’m not such a big fan of this kind of “gorillas in the mist”, tough-guy mosh metalcore. This band took me by surprise though!

My biggest problem with mosh metalcore stuff is that most of the bands just sound exactly the same. Especially live I get bored very quickly by these kind of bands. Every breakdown, riff or pose sounds and looks the same to me. It’s too easy to burn down this record as just another cheesy mosh-metal album as well though!

The album opens with a very aggressive and chunky song called ‘Give Us Barabbas’; which is probably also the best song on the album. This song has everything in it; lots of breaks, heaviness, and chunky mosh-riffs and over the top aggressive vocals. Musically this band operates in the same path as bands like The Black Dahlia Murder, The Acacia Strain and A Life Once Lost. People, who like this kind of stuff, should check out this band.

The band tries to make this album a bit more interesting, by combining the ultra heavy deathcore/metalcore with some doom-laden ambient pieces in between the songs. It works very well; it gives the album a bit more variety. I can’t help it though, that halfway through the album my mind wanders off to other things. The album is too long to keep my full interest, but that’s probably because of my personal taste. Still, I'd advise to give them a chance!
Left To Vanish - Versus The Throne
66/1001Details LifeForce Records
Released on Monday Nov 17th, 2008

Writer @RoyBalowski on Saturday Jan 3rd, 2009

Tags: #Left To Vanish
Tracklisting 01. Give Us Barabbas
02. Seventeenth Year Cicadas
03. Long Live This Heresy
04. Dirt Merchant
05. Lufthansa Heist
06. Whitewolf And Nash
07. Eyeless In Gaza
08. Suffrage Under A Sulfur Sky
09. February 16th 1969
10. Northern Lights
11. Falling In Love In A Whorehouse
Line up Keith Nolan - vocals
Sean Salm - guitar
Paul Meredith - drums
Bryan Little - bass
Kevin Salm - guitar