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Solenoid - Solenoid
Solenoid's bio excerpt: "And if Chris Tsangarides doesn't ring a bell, here you go... Judas Priest, Exodus, Thin Lizzy, Black Sabbath and... if Goran Finnberg (mastering) doesn't ring a bell, here you go...Opeth, In Flames, Spiritual Beggars, The Haunted...With references like these you can't go wrong." Or can you...(Cue in some evil music please!!!)

Wrong is not the word that describes the path that this band followed. Wrong is the word that describes the timing of this album. It should have been made twenty somewhat years ago. The album rocks out with its cock out, but there is just a lack of variety and originality on this disc. But still, wrong is not the word we're looking for here.

The guitars are good, well organised and play well together. They really make this album worth listening to. The vocals however, they just don't quite cut it. The drums are technically ok, but it misses....oooooohhhh, what am I looking for here......Cock and balls. Yes, that's it, it lacks cock and balls. As stated in the bio, the mastering and mixer can't be the ones to blame, they have cock and balls. So I guess we have to blame the drummer himself, even though I think he's technically more than fit for the job. Hmmmmm, dilemma....I'm blaming production here.

It's a good metal album with some nice shouting here and there and some nice guitar solos, but I think a little more time to think about the overall sound could have lifted this album much higher!
Solenoid - Solenoid
68/1001Details Buzzville/suburban
Released on Sunday Dec 28th, 2008

Writer @LondonCustoms on Saturday Jan 3rd, 2009

Tags: #Solenoid
Tracklisting 01. Out In The Cold
02. Down The Dream
03. Her Peace
04. One Armed Man
05. Angelspray
06. Short But Swell
07. Puppeteer
08. Whambambition
09. Slayin'
10. Grandadhead
11. Trashday
12. Divide
Line up Frank Homolka - vocals
Roel Paulussen - guitar
Arend Hamelryck - guitar
Maarten Geraerts - bass/vocals
Patrick Vanderhenst - drums