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The Addicts - Songs Of Praise
The longest serving punkband with the original line up. That’s one of the names you could give The Addicts. The fact is that they were among the first punk band across the globe that established the sound in the seventies. Along the way they picked up two more band members to complete their sound. This album is an 25th Anniversary edition of the original masterpiece that was recorded in 1981.
This 25 years edition means that every song is recorded all over again with the technology of today’s recording studios. A wise decision if you’d ask me, since all the recording techniques have well improved since then. Luckily enough they didn’t change their sound a bit. It all sounds a bit more open. On the other hand, if they did change a lot, a lot of fans would probably be very thrilled about it because Songs Of Praise is a punk classic that shouldn’t be absent in you collection.
When listening to this album I realised that although the songs were written 25 to 30 years ago, they still sound great. Of course the heaviness is not an issue anymore and The Addicts are probably copied a thousand times by now, but the songs and especially some lyrics are still an issue today.
All the punk fans across the globe should thank these guys on their bare knees for this effort of The Addicts. I just hope they’ll come to Europe so we can see the action of the Godfathers of Clockwork Punk ourselves. So no score just because it's a re-recording of an old album, but this sure is an album that every punk fan should own.
The Addicts - Songs Of Praise
No ScoreDetails People Like You records
Released on Sunday Jan 4th, 2009

Writer @Niamen on Sunday Jan 4th, 2009

Tags: #The Addicts
Tracklisting 01. England
02. Hurt
03. Just Like me
04. Tango
05. Telepathic People
06. Mary Whitehouse
07. Distortion
08. Get Adicted
09. Viva La revolution
10. Calling Calling
11. In The Background
12. Dynasty
13. Peculiar Music
14. Numbers
15. Sensitive
16. Songs Of Praise
Line up Monkey - vocals
Pete Dee - lead guitar
Scruff - guitar
Mel - bass
Dan - fiddle
Kid Dee - drums