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Random Conflict - Escapism
Random Conflict resides in Birmingham England and was formed in 2006. With two vocalists in their ranks they are trying to get noticed in the shitload of metalcore bands nowadays.
Starting with an intro that is completely useless and redundant, we are off with the second track on the album. I don’t know why every band has got to have some sort of intro on their albums these days but it annoys the hell out of me that all these intros are utterly useless and annoying most of the time. They don’t bring anything new to the table and completely miss their goal, which probably is creating some atmosphere.
Well, back to the debut album of Random Conflict , which is called Escapism. During the first couple of songs I have to say I’m lightly impressed by the musical qualities of the band. Furious riffs are flying around and in the background the drummer is working his ass off supporting all this riff violence. The two vocalists are in my opinion not quite an extra addition to the band. Of course there’s some interaction between the vocalists, especially when the vocal lines are following each other, but overall it’s not clear who sings what. To me, the vocals are often too much alike to create the right atmosphere. If you don’t know what I mean, listen to the Advanced And Vanquished album of Three Inches Of Blood.
It’s pretty obvious that although Random Conflict is a starting band, they do take everything very serious. This resulted in shows with The Black Dahlia Murder, The Chariot and All Shall Perish. This is also one of the major problems with Random Conflict. They are a starting band in a genre that’s flooded with mediocre bands and ditto riffs. The only way to rise above those bands is to be different and the use of two vocalists is a step in the right direction. But that’s not all, also the music has to be more than the standard metalcore riffs and breakdowns. Even though when they’re played tight and with aggression. So I would say that Escapism is a nice start and I hope for Random Conflict they can build further from this point.
Random Conflict - Escapism
60/1001Details Glasstone
Released on Monday Nov 24th, 2008

Writer @Niamen on Sunday Jan 4th, 2009

Tags: #Random Conflict
Tracklisting 1. The Pledge
2. My Devil Danced With His Demon
3. 21 Grams
4. Knives And Lint
5. Heart On Sleeve, Head Above Water
6. Ballrooms And Blood Trails
7. Obsession Is A Young Man's Game
8. It Took 08 Shots Plus
9. Forensics
10. The World Is Full Of Skydivers
11. Escapism
Line up Luke Bellamy - Vocals
Lee Williams - Vocals
Tommy Noble - Guitar
Kevin Hingley - Bass
Glen Homer - Drums