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Houston - Fast In Elegance

Houston is a big city in the United States that is well known for the back up of astronauts when they come across a problem in outer space. Of course one of the reasons is featured in the movie Apollo 13 when they speak the well known phrase ‘Houston we do have a problem’. Houston is also a band from Italy that came together in 2006 and released three songs in 2007. Sliptrick Records in San Francisco signed the band and their first full length album Fast In Elegance is a fact.

Luckily this time a band without an intro. I guess I have to thank god on my bare knees for that but first all my attention goes out to these Italian glamrockers. Looking at the artwork of the album, I would say the band is aiming for a spot between Guns ‘N Roses and Mötley Crüe. Listening to the first couple of songs of their album I realized the music is a more polished version of the bands I’ve mentioned above.

This is also the greatest setback of this band. The image on the artwork shows a rather tough band but listening to their music I have to say that all the edges of the music are gone. The entire album has a very smooth production which makes the songs even more friendlier than they already are. Next to this, there are a several songs on the album that come very close to a ballad, which gives me the idea of dealing with a simple rock band instead of a hardrock band. Exceptions to this are ‘Rock ‘N Roll Fist’ and ‘Never Alcoholized’, which do have a great rocky vibe, both songs I would like to hear with a rough edge.

This album is certainly not one I would take home after an afternoon shopping in a record store. The entire album sounds too soft and misses some rawness in the songs. On the other hand, if Houston is aiming for the next metal boyband, I guess they're on the right track. If not Houston you does have a problem.

Houston - Fast In Elegance
50/1001Details Sliptrack records
Released on Sunday May 4th, 2008

Writer @Niamen on Sunday Jan 4th, 2009

Tags: #Houston
Tracklisting 01. When The Cowboy Says
02. Confidence
03. Another Day
04. Six Hours Of Sex In Calcutta
05. Night Fragile
06. Rock N'Roll Fist
07. Forever In My Life
08. Houston
09. Never Alcoholized
10. River Of Words
11. Gordon&Tonic
Line up Nice J Ryan - vocals/keys
Gaby 'Faxintown' - bass
Phil - guitar
Dave - drums