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Panzerchrist - Himmelfartskommando
Panzerchrist is a Danish extreme metal band that has been putting out music since 1993. The line-up was never really stable, but its previous and current members have been involved in a lot of known Danish metal bands. To name a few: Illdisposed, Exmortem, The Arcane Order, Koldborn, Mercenary... the list is endless! Even the once world’s fastest drummer Reno Killerich (Dimmu Borgir, Old Man’s Child, Vile) was once part of this band.

What actually is the case with this release is that it’s a reissue of Panzerchrist’s first two albums, Six Seconds Kill and Outpost Fort Europa, respectively released in 1996 and 1999. Both CD’s have been out of print for nearly a decade, and so Mighty Music brought them out again for all the fans who ever wanted these originals. Newly added are three bonus tracks, which make this release a full eighty minute seat.

After listening to the album for the first time I was quite disappointed - being a fan of their latest studio record Battalion Beast in 2006. Where Panzerchrist currently is a raging and relentless blackened death metal band, they used to be a lot more old school back in the days. For example the first song “Outpost” starts quite nice, but suddenly frightens me with classical keys, later on combined with a guitar. Not really a nice surprise, but vital to the image of a more melodic Panzerchrist on their first full-length. Later on I’m again confronted with some impeding keys, such as in “Surrender Is Not An Option”. I’m sure Panzerchrist would sound a lot more brutal - as they initially wanted to be when they started the band - if they kept the keyboard out.

The production of both discs was done by famous knob man Jacob Hansen, who created an old school feeling, also recognizable by the pure drum sound. However, the songs are far from amazing. A couple of songs are pretty, but overall seen it’s not that good, and that is why the repeating ups and downs do not make this a really pleasant effort to listen while paying attention. I preferably like to hear it in the background. The three bonus tracks I mentioned earlier are totally unnecessary, as their production is pretty bad (read: demo quality), while they include more folk and classical elements than metal. I’d say two mediocre records as one, is still mediocre.
Panzerchrist - Himmelfartskommando
59/1001Details Mighty Music
Released on Friday May 9th, 2008
Death Metal

Writer @Mindsaver on Tuesday Jan 6th, 2009

Tags: #Panzerchrist
Tracklisting 01. Outpost
02. Skin
03. Uranium Angel
04. Fort Europa
05. Burning
06. Killing Of The Weak
07. Flesh In The Scent
08. Surrender Is Not An Option
09. Perfect Kill
10. Winterlands
11. Panzer
12. Frontlines
13. Virus
14. Halls Of Oblivion
15. Reload
16. Eviscerated Bitch
17. Gunhead
18. Last Supper
19. Panzer Black
20. Panzer Grimness
21. Himmelfartskommando
Line up Johnny Pump - Vocals
Michael Enevoldsen - Guitar
Rasmus Henriksen - Guitar
Karina Bundgaard - Bass & Keyboards
Morten Løwe Sørensen - Drums