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Nex - A Clockwork Heart
We received a nice pack of two CD´s of the British band Nex. It contained their debut album and their second album, A Clockwork Heart. Because of the giant step they made with their second album, I thought it was fitting to focus myself solely on their second album.
The music that Nex brings cannot be easily classified. Nex' sound is most similar to Faith No More, though this is just one of the numerous influences that enriches the sound of Nex.
The CD starts after a short intro, with Ed screaming “It´s time to wake up sleepy head”. An excellent opening which directly grabs the attention of the listener. What follows is a rollercoaster ride through all kinds of metal/rock genres (except for the more extreme genres). The various rhythms/hooks and the abundance of variety keep the listener interested for the whole ride.
An excellent example of this variety is the song 'Dansylvania'. This song contains everything that make up a Nex song. With the combination of screams and clean vocals, variation in riffs and changing atmosphere within the track, this song is one of the highlights of this album. I like the variety on this album, though the more aggressive tracks are more convincing than the slow, more melodic tracks. This is mainly due the voice of Ed. He can do a lot with his voice and shows a nice progression in comparison to their debut, but in the melodic parts he still needs to grow.
I don´t have a lot of negative points on this album. Maybe the variety can scare away the average listener of metal music, but if you like your metal/rock not too extreme and you don´t shy away from melody or variety, this is highly recommended!
Nex - A Clockwork Heart
83/1001Details Rising Records
Released on Friday Sep 5th, 2008

Writer @Neurotic on Thursday Jan 8th, 2009

Tags: #Nex
Tracklisting 1. In Pieces
2. The Revenge
3. The Lucky Ones
4. Tinkerbell
5. Witch Hunting
6. Phantoms
7. Dansylvania
8. Good Evening
9. Ashes&Embers (more pieces)
10. Before The Storm
11. Behind The Stars
12. We All Went Out To Sea
13. At Peace
Line up Ed Dickinson – Vocals/Guitars
Chris Kiernan – Guitars/Vocals
Danny Hamer - Guitars
The Professional – Bass/Vocals
Mike Garlick - Drums