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Sanctus Infernum - Sanctus Infernum
The U.S. band Sanctus Infernum was formed in 2006 in Wichita, Kansas. The band play a combination of black, death and doom metal and have just released their very first effort in the shape of a self-titled full length, released through Russia’s BadMoodMan Music/Solitude Productions.
The sound of Sanctus Infernum reminds a bit of a more blackened version of mid-tempo/slow death metal acts like Obituary, only with a more doomy sound. The vocalist has a very over the top, distorted sound which blends with the music perfectly. The music is very dynamic and quite compelling, varying from the slow sludgy tempos to faster death riffing and even some clean passages. And guitarist Mark Anderson knows how to play some decent and fitting solos. All this is delivered with a fine production in which everything sounds crystal clear individually, but combined as a whole it turns into a raw wall of sound.
Personally I’ve grown into this self-titled debut record quite a lot. The harsh dark sound really grabs onto me, and I like the way all the aspects of black, death and doom metal are represented in a keen way. If you’re looking for a record with some decent and refreshing yet depressing doom metal, try Sanctus Infernum on for size. It might fit you.
Sanctus Infernum - Sanctus Infernum
77/1001Details BadMoodMan Music
Released on Friday Mar 7th, 2008
Doom Metal

Writer @DemonDust on Sunday Jan 11th, 2009

Tags: #Sanctus Infernum
Tracklisting 1. Flesh Without Sin
2. God Unto Myself
3. The Journey Back
4. Facing The Black
5. Suffer
6. Waking The Dead
7. What Calm Is Without Storm
8. Let It Be So
Line up Mark Anderson - Guitar
Ricky Vannatta - Vocals
Chris Johnson - Drums
Jason Banks - Bass