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The Day Of The Beast - The Day Of The Beast
The name The Day Of The Beast rings a bell! Not because I have heard of this thrash metal band before, but because this is also the title of a horror movie dating back to 1995. The American band The Day Of The Beast was formed in 2005 though, so I’m not sure whether or not they got their inspiration from this movie when releasing their self-titled debut album.

The Day Of The Beast appeared out of nowhere. Whenever I receive material that’s known to be the debut album of a band, there are always multiple factors that can be improved. It’s absolutely not the same with The Day Of The Beast: even though the production is not that clean, it fits the music and these guys blew me off my feet! Essentially a thrash metal band, The Day Of The Beast has such a raw sound to it; the influence of black metal is obvious.

Up speed tempos, some breaks every now and then and interesting riffs keep you focused on what The Day Of The Beast is offering you. Even though the vocals are a bit monotonous, it seems to compliment the rest of the band. Of course perfection is nonexistent, so I must give my compliments to these new comers for the diversity between the different songs. Especially 'The Crawling Chaos' caught my attention since this particular track is truly drenched with hatred; you can feel it burn! These guys definitely got some serious evil within and know how to translate that into their music, which they doubtlessly proofed with The Day Of The Beast.
The Day Of The Beast - The Day Of The Beast
83/1001Details Canonical Hours
Released on Wednesday Oct 15th, 2008
Thrash/ black metal

Writer @Kaar on Tuesday Jan 13th, 2009

Tags: #The Day Of The Beast
Tracklisting 1. Pangaea Rising
2. Predator’s Path
3. Beyond Choronzon
4. Harvest of the Heretic
5. Dead, Yet Dreaming
6. He Who Shuns the Light
7. The Crawling Chaos
8. Awakening of the Morningstar
9. De Vermis Mysteriis
10. Upon the Throne
Line up Steve: Vocals
Eric: Guitars
Justin: Bass
Jeremy: Drums
KC: Guitars and backing vocals