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Hauk - To Hear The Trumpets Call
“With To Hear The Trumpets Call, the Heathen metal band Hauk (USA) is already presenting their fourth release to the world,” states the bio. To me it seems that Hauk hasn’t learned one thing from their earlier releases. The name of the band, the cover and the music are all making me cry. Why am I reviewing this again?

First of all the cover. Normally you’d think the first impression is quite important. Well, not for Hauk I think. I mean, come on people! I probably suck more at drawing pictures than a two year old with a mental illness and still I make better paintings than this cover. Shame on you guys! But it gets worse, unfortunately.

It seems that Hauk is trying to compose lengthy and far-ranging musical experiences. They write songs that are deeply spiritual and “unique in their genre-defying vision.” God must have forgotten about either them or me but I’m having the feeling this “unique” music, isn’t all that unique after all. In fact, it’s far from that. The mix is horrible and music wise there’s absolutely nothing interesting on this release.

Now I’d say Hauk would be so much better of without vocalist Hauk but I’ve reconsidered my suggestion quite often and came to the conclusion the vocalist just can’t leave. It would make for a band without a name. And of course, that’s impossible.

Anyways, this guy seems almost constantly out of tune, singing his lyrics in a way that makes me rather confused and sad. Leaving me with mixed feelings. Is this music a joke? Is it a sarcastic wink to folk-metal? Is this meant seriously? I just can’t figure it out but honestly, I hope it’s just one big joke. Please don’t spend your money on this one, please don’t!
Hauk - To Hear The Trumpets Call
No ScoreDetails Baldur Rising Music / Metal Revelation
Released on Friday Sep 19th, 2008

Writer @Boek on Wednesday Jan 21st, 2009

Tags: #Hauk
Tracklisting 01. To Hear The Trumpets Call
02. Love Song #4 (Burn Rome)
03. Lamentation
04. Raven Wings (Thrashing Ravens Mix)
Line up Hauk – Vocals, Guitar, Bass
Duke Dubeau – Keyboards, Vocals
Chris Dooly – Drums, Percussion
Boyd Ervin – Guitar, Bass, Vocals