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Silver - Wolf Chasing Wolf
Wolf Chasing Wolf is the fifth release of Norwegian band Silver. I have never had the pleasure to hear music of the band, so this release is my first introduction. Various websites are very complimentary towards Silver. So since this release is my maiden voyage, I hope they won’t disappoint me.
Silver plays a style of music that’s a bit of a mixture between garagerock and punk music with the right amount of distortion. The first couple of spins took me a while to get into it, because this isn´t the music I am normally accustomed to.
But I have to say that they surprised me. The compositions grew on me and that´s a good sign. ´Pick Up Your Life´ and ´Die 59´ are songs with a lot of distortion which almost make it sound a bit industrial. Comparisons to bands like Senser and Refused came up in my mind. After those songs they slow it down a bit (a little tiny bit, mind you!) and also the distortion is fading a bit. Those songs after the two openers are more to my liking. Especially ´The Resignation Song` and ´Norge Kneler´ are songs that I really like.
Besides all the good parts, there are also some things I don´t like. I am not entirely convinced by the voice of Tommy. Of course he sounds angry, but because of the distortion on his voice I cannot suppress the feeling that he´s just an average vocalist. Also not every composition is as strong as the other. Sometimes they lack a bit of fantasy in structure, with as a result that when you´re listening to the CD in the car for example, it seems like you listen to one lenghty song instead of eleven individual songs.
This is not a bad effort at all, but it just is not that good to justify a higher score. I like the anarchy that you can feel on this album, but they really have to put more effort in creating interesting songs.
Silver - Wolf Chasing Wolf
70/1001Details Rodeo Star
Released on Tuesday Nov 10th, 2009

Writer @Neurotic on Wednesday Jan 21st, 2009

Tags: #Silver
Tracklisting 1. Pick Up Your Life
2. Die 59
3. Where Vultures Gather
4. The Resignation Song
5. Drenched In Comfort
6. Norge Kneler
7. The Judge
8. The White Logic
9. Any Road
10. Sympathy
11. No Place Left To Go
Line up Tommy Akerholdt – Vocals, Guitars
Oyvind Kaasa – Vocals, Guitars
Peter Larsson – Vocals, Bass
Ivar Nikolalsen – Vocals
Sven Ophelm – Vocals, Guitars
Jonas Thire - Drums