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My Mind's Weapon - The Carrion Sky
My Minds Weapon from Aberdeen, Britain, are among the new league of British metalacts that are flooding the main land nowadays. Acting within the well-known boundaries of metalcore they’ve just released their debut album called The Carrion Sky. Well the million dollar question is of course, is this another band that will exit as fast as they came to stage or do they have what it takes to last longer than two albums?
With a rather standard riffing intro that builds up till the second song kicks in, they immediately earned some point. At least they're not so ‘original’ to use some weird sounding senseless stuff as a prelude to their terror. After this it’s on with the album that’s full with metalcore riffs and ditto drums, which doesn’t automatically means that this sucks. The only thing I have with most of this bands, is the feeling I’ve heard this a million times before. But again; it doesn’t mean this album instantly sucks. A nice discovery with this band is that the vocalist of the band can actually sing unlike most metalcore vocalists nowadays.
The fact that this band has a good vocalist and also a nice production that backs up the songs in a powerful way is of course a great step forward for a band. Add to this the great musicians in this band, that play really tight, and maybe there’s a way up in the over flooded music scene we al so dearly love.
I have to say that My Minds Weapon isn’t really original with their music but I do believe that’s also very hard within this genre. On the other hand the music that is played is tight, aggressive and gives you the feeling to kick some ass and that’s exactly what I want when I listen to such an album. The feeling that I want to trash my apartment and kick that annoying neighbour in the nuts for all the times he blocked the hallway with his bicycle.  
My Mind's Weapon - The Carrion Sky
75/1001Details Phantom Sound Vision
Released on Tuesday Dec 2nd, 2008

Writer @Niamen on Thursday Jan 22nd, 2009

Tags: #My Mind's Weapon
Tracklisting 1. The Karman Line
2. Silhouettes of Enemies
3. At Least You're Not Dead
4. Alpha Centauri
5. Six-O-Two
6. ...Ex Inferis
7. The Killing Horizon
8. A Sense of Wonder
9. Lucky Like Kokura
10. Goodbyes
Line up Dan Goldsworthy - Guitar
Mark Holliday - Guitar
Ben Timpson - Vocals
Nick Scholey - Drums
Scott Bowden - Bass