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Griffen - Linked in Eternity
Griffen is a Swedish hard rock/metal band that has two members that were in an appearantly legendary band called Torch. Don't know 'em, and in all honesty; after hearing this EP I really couldn't care less.

At first it didn't sound all that bad. Just another good metal EP. After hearing it a couple of times more there were only two words that stuck in my mind; "fucking" and "boring". Put those two together and you get a nice idea of what I'm talking about. The reason that this review is this negative, is because you can clearly hear that these guys can do better!

All five songs on this EP sound pretty much the same as all songs by Dio, or other crap ass 80's bands. Only the rythym section is good. Guitars can do much better and the vocals are just uninspired. 

No sigar and not even close! (so that's not even a chocolate sigarette for these guys)
Griffen - Linked in Eternity
50/1001Details None
Released on Saturday Jan 24th, 2009

Writer @LondonCustoms on Saturday Jan 24th, 2009

Tags: #Griffen
Tracklisting 01. Linked In Eternity
02. Secret Fire
03. Falling Inside
04. The Hydra
05. Life Is On The Way
Line up Jorgen Soderberg - Lead Vocals
Tomi Peltonen - Guitars, Vocals
Harri Tuovila - Bass, Vocals
Stefan Tornblom - Guitars, Vocals
Kristian Huotari - Drums, Vocals