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Korea - For The Present Purpose
Korea was formed in Stockholm back in 2003 and this is their first album. Believe me, this is a good band! The bandname is a bit tough if you want to look 'em up on google though. Their bio tells me that they can be compared to bands such as Tool, A Perfect Circle and NIN. And even though the guitars at the opening of the song 'Rebound' are totally similar to 'Pet' by APC, I would like to stop comparing right there.

Not that I don't want to give them these credits, it's just that I don't think the comparisons are in place. If you want a comparison, listen to In The Dark by Face Tomorrow. But besides all this, this is just not really a band I like to compare, because they have a good defining sound! It's just good alternative metal here, maybe too soft for the diehard metalfans, but if you're into bands mentioned before and maybe some emo here and there, you will definetely like Korea as well.

The things that stand out are the good original vocals and the great drumming. Dennis knows when to relax and he knows when to show off. Guitars are good and do what they're expected to do and the overall production is really good! Highlights: 'Me vs You' and a definite highlight on the album is 'GPHH38'!!! So why only an eight? 37 minutes for 10 songs is a bit on the short side guys, but keep it up!
Korea - For The Present Purpose
80/1001Details ViCisolum
Released on Monday Jan 19th, 2009
dunno, ehh good music!

Writer @LondonCustoms on Saturday Jan 24th, 2009

Tags: #Korea
Tracklisting 01. Insufficient Karma
02. STHLM Psycho
03. Save Your Pain
04. Self-Deception
05. Above
06. Rebound
07. Me VS You
08. It's Over
09. GPHH38
10. Growing Apathy
Line up Michael Ehrnstén - Vocals
Robert Bunke - Bass
Mikael Raymond - Guitars
Dennis Ehrnsten - Drums