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Mictlantecuhtli - Warriors Of The Black Sun
Formed in 1998, the American black/thrash metal outfit Mictlantecuhtli (with that name you’re sure to stay in the underground I guess) has released two albums. The second of which lies before me right now, entitled Warriors Of The Black Sun. Their name plainly means death, which is a good name for a metal band these days. Let’s check out their music.
I feel the black/thrash metal of Mictlantecuhtli has influences of one band in particular in it, namely Children Of Bodom. This feeling is caused by the skills of both guitar players, who know how to throw out a decent and complex solo in about every song. This is also the strongest asset of this band, for the rest of the music has little new to offer and neither do the vocals. Frankly, without those solos this record would have made no impression whatsoever, I fear. The production really lacks power to convince and their unoriginal approach towards this style of music becomes boring quite quickly. Their skilled solos save the day a bit, but only a bit it is.
I wish that instead of thinking of great solos to play, the guitarist would spend some more time thinking of better and more original riffs. It’s not that you can call Warriors Of The Black Sun a really bad album, it just has this feeling of ‘been there, heard that’ all over it. I hope that with their next effort, Mictlantecuhtli can really grow a sound of its own.
Mictlantecuhtli - Warriors Of The Black Sun
64/1001Details Darkest Empire Productions
Released on Tuesday Nov 11th, 2008
Black/Thrash Metal

Writer @DemonDust on Tuesday Jan 27th, 2009

Tags: #Mictlantecuhtli
Tracklisting 1. Night of Sorrow
2. Dreams of Triumph
3. Roads to Victory
4. Shadow of the Mourning Star
5. Warrior's Desire
6. Ancient War Call
7. Blood Spills in Darkness
8. Kingdoms Fire
9. Crowned Under a Black Sun
Line up Cuauhtemoc - Vocals
Cuitlahuac - Guitars
Tlacaelel - Guitars
Tlaloc - Bass
Itzcoatl - Drums