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The Axis Of Perdition - Urfe
And now for something completely different: The Axis Of Perdition. This UK outfit creates music that lies in the boundaries of ambient cinematic music, industrial and some black metal. This is their third full length to date, and it is released as a double disc digipack. Quite a nice package, now let’s see if the music is any good as well.
The two records are filled with a creepy, sinister soundtrack, consisting of dark ambient and industrial noises. It is sort of relaxing and depressing at the same time, although I heard some people say they get really irritated by it too. And that point I can understand, for the two discs are completely narrated by the actor Leslie Simpson, which is something that gets on my nerves as well. I can appreciate the idea, but I would have preferred to hear more instrumental ambient parts, without the whole story being told all the time, which I’m not even really listening to anyway.
On the second record they show that it is not all ambient though. This disc features actual black metal, which is a welcome interruption from the acid drenched nightmare that is Urfe. It’s good to finally hear some percussion and distorted guitar between all the spacey noises so to say.
Overall I have to say I really enjoy the music, it’s just the storyteller that sort of ruins it for me. But that’s just a personal issue I guess. Fans of dark ambient and industrial music might want to give The Axis Of Perdition’s new album try, for it definitely has an interesting approach towards this genre.
The Axis Of Perdition - Urfe
73/1001Details Code666
Released on Friday Jan 16th, 2009
Cinematic Ambient Metal

Writer @DemonDust on Tuesday Jan 27th, 2009

Tags: #The Axis Of Perdition
Tracklisting Disc 1
1. Grief of the Unclean I
2. Grief of the Unclean II
3. Grief of the Unclean III
4. Grief of the Unclean IV
5. Grief of the Unclean V
6. Grief of the Unclean VI

Disc 2
1. The Great Unwashed I
2. The Great Unwashed II
3. The Great Unwashed III
4. The Great Unwashed IV
5. The Great Unwashed V
6. The Great Unwashed VI
Line up Mike Blenkarn - Guitars, Keyboards, Programming
Brooke Johnson- Vocals, Additional Guitars
Dan "Storm" Mullins - Drums
Leslie Simpson - narration
Ian Fenwick - Bass