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Liturgy - Dawn Of Ash

My next review is one for the most extreme ones among us. Liturgy with Dawn Of Ash is in one word BRUTAL. I bought this album the same instance I learned that Liturgy consists of members from Brodequin and Matti Way from Disgorge (US). I wasn’t disappointed, because Dawn Of Ash pulverises and gang rapes everything I’ve ever heard. This is only the intro, but I can say you this! For me this is the most brutal and best album of 2004. I don’t think that many bands will overtop this in both speed and brutality.



Dawn Of Ash starts with a bell ringing intro that fades into the first song Shrine Of Moria. The music is quite easy to describe if you know the band Brodequin, because it’s merely the same style, except that the production of this album is way better than any Brodequin album I’ve ever heard. Adding the fact that Matti of Disgorge handles the vocals together with Jamie, you’ll get the idea. That means ultra fast and menacing drum work, ear torturing guitarwork and a voice like a whale being penetrated by a 30 ton bulldozer. The guitar work isn’t even that hard and could be said simple, but the way it’s supported by the drums and vocals… Damn! In merely 30 minutes you’ll be left in your chair or bench or whatever, totally freaked out still lolling on your legs. 8 songs with so much ferocity and then comes the bummer on the album. The 9th song is just 3 minutes of noise without any music in it. To make up they both covered a Disgorge track (Cognitive Lust Of Mutilation) and a Brodequin track (Infested With Worms) One funny thing about the Brodequin track is that I finally hear how it should have been played, because the production is way better. If the next album of Brodequin will be produced in such a way, then I can hardly wait!


Liturgy has done it, they’ve created one of the most brutal albums in its genre and it was certainly worth the money I invested in it. On Obscene Extreme I talked to Jamie and probably we can expect a second album somewhere next year. I’m curious!


Track List:


1: Shrine Of Moria
2: Shrouded In Suffering
3: Scars Of The Saints
4: Dawn Of Ash
5: Worship Incise
6: The Bishops Gathering
7: Wounds Of Christ
8: Solemn
9: The Acolyte’s Exoneration
10: Cognitive Lust Of Mutilation (Originally recorded by Disgorge (US))
11: Infested With Worms (Originally recorded by Brodequin)


Line Up:


Vocals – Matti Way
Guitar – Mike Bailey
Bass/Vocals – Jamie Bailey
Drums – Jon Engman

Liturgy - Dawn Of Ash
96/1001Details Unmatched Brutality
Released on Tuesday Nov 30th, -0001
Brutal Death Metal

Writer @Mat-Core on Thursday Aug 26th, 2004

Tags: #Liturgy
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