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Rosae Crucis - Il Re Del Mondo
We all want to be famous. It’s human desire to be wanted and if you’re a kickass musician, chicks will stick to you like magnets. It seems that Rosae Crucis don’t feel otherwise and they praise themselves for their ‘true epic classic heavy metal’ with ‘great vocals’. The CD I’m about to tell you about features tracks from their same-titled ‘legendary demo tape’ Il Re Del Mondo. Did you just raise an eyebrow as well?

Deep Purple, Jimi Hendrix, Black Sabbath, Dio, Chuck Berry - that’s what I call legends. Hell, Bambi is a legend. Rosae Crucis isn't even near to appearing on this list and from what I can tell, there is no reason for them to being granted legendary status anytime soon. Sure, the music is nice with some grooving beats, but the annoying guitar leads that serve as harmonics actually do a good job of negating the grooving effect. Although the melodies do sound epic sometimes, there is so much noise being injected in them that it’s virtually impossible to get a clear hold of the song and its message.

Then there’s the ‘great vocals’. I’ve heard worse, but there is nothing ‘great’ about them at all. In fact, they're friggin' annoying most of the time. On one track it’s uninspired humming with a high squeak in between and on the next it’s normal singing with little to nothing melodic in terms of vocal diversity. Most of the time, I experienced it as uninspired shouting, coming from anyone but a Bruce Dickinson, Roy Khan, Jorn Lande or anyone who is considered a great singer by many metal fans.

If you’re charmed by a bunch of high squeaks, Italian lyrics, passionate yet uninspired shouting with little melody, chanting choirs and tight rhythm guitars / drums with annoying leads thrown in between, then you might just like Il Re Del Mondo. I, for one, couldn’t find anything original or legendary in these tracks.
Rosae Crucis - Il Re Del Mondo
50/1001Details Jolly Roger Records
Released on Thursday May 1st, 2008
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Writer @Bastian Blackrain on Tuesday Feb 3rd, 2009

Tags: #Rosae Crucis
Tracklisting 1. Sacrem Reformationem
2. Rosa Croce
3. La Chiesa
4. Contro Il Mio Destino
5. Il Signore Delle Tempeste
6. La Sacra Corona
7. Il Re Del Mondo
8. Ballo In Fa D Minore (Angelo Branduardi cover)
Line up Giuseppe Cialone - vocals
Andrea Magini - guitars
Tiziano Marcozzi - guitars
Daniele Cerqua - bass
Piero Arioni - drums