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Building A Legacy - Volume 2: A Document Of Finnish Hardcore

Back in 1999, Full House Records released the compilation-CD Building A Legacy – A Helsinki Hardcore Document. 2008 was the 10th anniversary of the label and to celebrate this fact they put out a new Building A Legacy compilation-CD. This release doesn’t only represent the Helsinki hardcore scene, but the whole Finnish scene though. The disc contains 15 “carefully chosen” bands from around the whole country and with those bands the label tries to present the world a good picture of what’s going on over there.

Maybe when you live in Finland these bands are like Gods or something to you, but personally I’m not familiar with even 1 of the 15 bands. With this release it’s easy for me to get to know them (and even more important, their music), but I can’t suppress the fact that I haven’t missed anything in the last couple of years. When you’re into hardcore this is a very nice compilation-CD for your hardcore-collection, but it doesn’t really add anything. Building A Legacy definitely proves that independent hardcore lives in Finland. Hopefully they’ll also get some more recognition for it. On the other hand, if a label from Holland or any other country would release such a record it would probably be of the same level. All in all it means that Building A Legacy is worth it to be checked, but don’t forget to support your local scene!

Building A Legacy - Volume 2: A Document Of Finnish Hardcore
No ScoreDetails Full House Records
Released on Wednesday Oct 1st, 2008

Writer @Gilles on Saturday Feb 7th, 2009

Tags: #Building A Legacy
Tracklisting 01. Unbroken - Bolt
02. Ready To Bleed - Bolt
03. Holier Than Thou - Third Man Down
04. Strings - Third Man Down
05. No Flowers Will Rise From This Soil - Cold Inside
06. Winter Push On - Cold Inside
07. Fightback Style - Fightback
08. Paypack Time - Fightback
09. These Stained Hands - Worth The Pain
10. To Release Myself - Worth The Pain
11. Two-Bladed Sword - Scalping Screen
12. Minefield - Scalping Screen
13. Family First - No One Is Safe
14. Rähinä - No One Is Safe
15. This Is It - St. Hood
16. Get Off My Case - Breamgod
17. Sinking Ship - Breamgod
18. Not Your Enemy - Out Of Breath
19. OOB - Out Of Breath
20. Empty Bottle - End Begins
21. Prove Me Wrong (The Message) - End Begins
22. No Coming Back - Another One Dead
23. Castaway - Another One Dead
24. Saunakillaz - Ratface
25. Devilz Child - Ratface
26. As Empire Falls - Loss Of Humanity
27. Enemy - Loss Of Humanity
28. No Apologies - Cutdown
29. Out Of Bounds - Cutdown
Line up N/A