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Kaeos - Wolves For The Throat - Ravens For The Eyes
Kaeos is a band founded and based in Hamburg, Germany. They started out to rehearse in December 2007 and just one year later, they released this demo. This young and new band released a professionally looking demo.

It’s good to see young bands being active, but in this case I'd rather seen the band working on the instrument skills and song writing a bit longer. Instead they chose to release their first demo already. Considering the fact that they have been together for just over a year, it’s a good first attempt, but nothing more!

The biggest problem with this release is the simple song structures and especially the very primitive drumming. Especially the first song ‘I’ is a song hard to listen through, after that song it becomes a bit better with some nice song structures. The third song ‘Wolves For The Throat’ is actually a pretty good song, but the shitty recordings and the very weak guitar sound is messing up this song. Thumbs up for T.'s vocals though; they are powerful, raspy and raw.

Kaeos is a very young band and I like the fact that they are already very active, so I see future potential for them, when they work on their instrument skills that is. Musically I have the idea that they listened a lot to Wolves In The Throneroom records and that they tried to copy a similar atmospheric, high-speed black-metal with slower parts in it. It’s basically a shitty recorded mix of Wolves In The Throneroom, old Mayhem and perhaps Pest.

Hopefully these guys will evolve in something better, because I really like to give these guys another chance of proving me wrong.
Kaeos - Wolves For The Throat - Ravens For The Eyes
42/1001Details Self Released
Released on Monday Dec 1st, 2008
Black Metal

Writer @RoyBalowski on Tuesday Feb 24th, 2009

Tags: #Kaeos
Tracklisting 01. I
02. The Grinding Gears Of Time
03. Wolves For The Throat
04. Ravens For The Eyes
Line up F. - guitar
T. - drums, vocals
M. - bass, vocals