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Opaque Lucidity - Self Titled
This quartet out of the Russian Federation started out as a project from members of the black/doom metal bands Agloamorpha and Risus Sardonicus. This is their first full length album, released by Bad Mood Man Records, a division of Russian doom label Solitude Productions. This album is something else though. It’s a hellish ride down to your darkest subconsciousness!

It’s hard to figure out a lyrical concept or message in this band, because literally all the info on this disc is in Russian. Some research tells us, that they are lyrically influenced by spiritual life, influenced by several philosophers and esoteric literature. I let the music and artwork speak for itself then!

Musically this band is not an easy listen. It hovers somewhere between doom, dark ambient, soundscapes and even film-music! From the very first tone, I was sucked into their dark world of sounds in my subconsciousness. I’m impressed by the craftsmanship of these guys; they use a ton of instruments ranging from gongs, violins, triangles, keyboards, piano, sampling, vocals and guitars. This whole disc feels like a creepy, dark nightmare, but in a pleasant and beautiful way.

There are four songs on this album, but they listen away as just one long dark trip to a dream world. I’m really impressed by how good this actually is! Sometimes it reminds me of the film-music, which Jorg Buttgereit used for his movies Nekromantik, Schramm and Der Todesking. There are also resemblances with bands like Goblin and Tangerine Dream. The occasional heavy doom riffs give it a more Gravetemple, Ascend and even Sunn 0))) feel to it!

People with a taste for really dark, experimental music, should definitely check out this band. It’s a dark ride, which will haunt you for a very long time!
Opaque Lucidity - Self Titled
92/1001Details Bad Moon Man
Released on Tuesday Dec 30th, 2008
Dark Ambient / Doom / Soundscapes

Writer @RoyBalowski on Wednesday Feb 25th, 2009

Tags: #Opaque Lucidity
Tracklisting 01. Induality, Not Induality
02. In The Insane Dance Of Stars
03. Kense
04. New Aeon
Line up Anton - Composer
Evgeniy - Russian lyrics vocals
Nikita - guitars
Artem - English lyrics vocals