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Dignity - Project Destiny
In 2006 the first contours of Dignity became visible when drummer Roland Navratil left Edenbridge. Soon he started Dignity with keyboard player Frank Pitters. Shortly after, the band was completed by Martin Mayr and John Boy Bastard. The only spot that wasn’t filled was the vocalist. After trying out numerous vocalists they finally ran into Jake E who was the right man to fill the spot. To make a long story short: the first full-length of Dignity is a fact. So get on board, Project Destiny is about to get off.
After an intro of keyboards and a choir, the title track starts with a simple but effective riff. The vocals kick in and the total sound of Dignity is a fact. The first thing that comes into my attention is the great atmosphere that is put together in the music. It’s something you’ll probably love or hate but I admit it does have its effect and sometimes reminds me of the Ayreon project of Arjen Lukassen.
During ‘Arrogance And Rapture’ and ‘Cry In Despair’ the sound switch to a more direct approach like Europe used to do have. The only setback is that the album had a killer start and during these songs it all just goes on and on. I miss a nice kick in the ass, a point where the pedal goes to the metal. Luckily there’s such a point in the end of ‘Cry In Despair’ but that doesn’t last very long.
Finally, this is a problem that lasts throughout the entire album and the cause is quite simple. It’s the sound of Dignity. In the end, this is also the main reason why this album isn't my cup of tea. It just sounds too slick for me. This doesn’t mean the album sucks. On the contrary, the melody on the album is almost perfect, the arrangements are great and Dignity creates a good atmosphere.
Dignity - Project Destiny
74/1001Details Napalm Records
Released on Friday Aug 29th, 2008
Melodic hardrock

Writer @Niamen on Thursday Feb 26th, 2009

Tags: #Dignity
Tracklisting 1. Project Destiny
2. Arrogance And Rapture
3. Cry In Despair
4. Dreams Never Die
5. Icarus
6. Inner Circle Sympathy
7. The Edge Of The Blade
8. Inner Demons
9. Don\'t Pay The Ferryman
Line up Jake E - Vocals
Martin Mayr - Guitar
Frank Pitters - Keys
John Boy Bastard - Bass
Roland Navratil - Drums