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Kauan - Tietäjän Laulu
The biggest challenge in reviewing this album lays in the copying of the track names from the album. Russian doom/ folk band Kauan has released its second full length Tietäjän Laulu and, of course, the lyrics are entirely in Russian.

After the release of their first full length Lumikuuro, Kauan became known as a black metal band with a lot of focus on the keys. Well, the keys are still present, in a more moderate way, but I wouldn’t necessarily call this piece of work black metal. Doom would be the best word to describe Tietäjän Laulu, but there are some obvious folk influences as well. It’s hard for me to place these influences which, among other elements, consist of samples that seem to be derived from a tribe of some sort. My incapability of placing these samples might have something to do with me not speaking Russian. Basically, I don’t know what the hell these guys are talking about.

Anton Belov is more or less responsible for this new release and I must compliment him. Being labelled doom, doesn’t automatically mean that the album is dull to listen to, on the contrary! There are a lot of session musicians included on Tietäjän Laulu, which keeps the music diverse. The album opens with the song 'Buecmo Ciëz', which is a mostly acoustic song wherein the violin plays an important role. After a minute or five an electric guitar is added and combined with the acoustic sound. Melodies are repeated often and it’s hard to distinguish one song from another, not because they all sound alike, only because they compliment each other very well.

The third song 'Pesnja Mamepi' begins with one of the tribal samples, which is a shame, because this kind of music doesn’t need additions like that. Fortunately, Kauan makes it up with the following duet between piano and violin, which gives me shivers. Compared to the other tracks, this song focuses a lot on the clean vocals with its two voices. I noticed that it more or less has the same structure as the first song; after a few minutes the electric guitar is adjoined.

It’s amazing how something this beautiful can be so dark and overwhelmed with sorrow. This album can and will be appreciated by a lot of people preferring different genres, because the atmosphere is such an important aspect; an aspect that will speak to a lot of different people. I truly recommend to at least give Tietäjän Laulu by Kauan a try.
Kauan - Tietäjän Laulu
85/1001Details Solitude productions
Released on Sunday Feb 1st, 2009

Writer @Kaar on Friday Feb 27th, 2009

Tags: #Kauan
Tracklisting 1. Buecmo Ci�z
2. Kyynelten Sijaan
3. Pesnja Mamepi
4. �idin Laulu
5. Prozrachni Cvetok
6. Orkidea
Line up Anton Belov � Vocals, guitars, keys and programming
Lubov Mushnikova - Violin