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The End Of All Reason - Fragmented
The End Of All Reason is a five piece progressive metal band from Brussels, Belgium. They spawned in the wake of 2004 and have just released their long awaited EP called Fragmented. An EP which was produced by Sven Janssens from Aborted, who also did some nice jobs with Vader, Kronos and Decapitated. At least that’s what the biography tells us.
Well this brings me to my first point, because I do miss the progressive part in the entire process. I’d even say that the brutal sound of The End Of All Reason is more deathcore to me than death metal. But hey what the hell, it’s brutal and that counts. Starting the album with ‘Chariots From The Beyond’, which has also a useless intro, they immediately give you a nice kick in the face. Which reminds me of a Dutch phrase my dad always used to say: "De eerste klap in een daalder waard."
So, recovering from the first couple of second of this song with a grin upon my face, they make me realise I’ve been listening to too much melodic stuff lately. I missed out on just some brutal music that makes you want to bash that ugly neighbour or the guy who is always double parked next to you car. It’s nice to know that life can be simple from time to time. Simple but effective, just like this EP. No nonsense brutal death metal (or deathcore) with a nice break every now and then.
In the end there’s a great EP that made me curious about their new upcoming stuff. If you’d like a mix of All Shall Perish and Dissection with maybe a touch of Opeth you should check this out. Okay, maybe it’s all been done before but to me they put a grin upon my face and that’s always a good thing.
The End Of All Reason - Fragmented
85/1001Details I For Us Records
Released on Wednesday Oct 1st, 2008

Writer @Niamen on Tuesday Mar 3rd, 2009

Tags: #The End Of All Reason
Tracklisting 01. Chariots From The Beyond
02. Ascending The Throne Once More
03. Aeons In The Void
04. Redemption (Chariots From The Beyond part 2)
05. Barbara
Line up Vincent - Vocals
Tom - Guitar
Thadd´┐Ż - Guitar
Thomas - Bass
Jonas - Drums