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Emergency Gate - Rewake
Emergency Gate is a German band consisting out of seven musicians. Of those seven, the name of Matthias Kupka is the only one that rings a bell. He’s the former singer of SuidAkrA. This band, though, isn’t a reference point whatsoever for the sound that Emergency Gate produces on this album. Their second album to be precise.
Emergency Gate plays a brand of music that can be labeled as melodic thrash. They incorporate some melodic death and power metal influences to combine their thrash with. On first hand one would think that this could lead to an entertaining and original cocktail of styles.
Yes this could be the case, if Emergency Gate actually grabbed this chance for coming up with something original. They fail miserably in that department. They kick off with ‘Double Suicide’, which is a song that could easily be placed on Soilworks Follow The Hollow album. It is followed by ‘Slave’, which could be placed on one of the latter In Flames albums. Both songs do a remarkable job of getting the listeners attention, because the songs are executed excellently and deliver a nice punch, but these kind of songs have been done a million times before. The market is flooding with Soilwork clones these days and Emergency Gate is also standing in that line waiting for that big breakthrough. I am sorry to burst that bubble, but with this copycat music it’s not going to happen!
The next few songs are showing a bit of an own face. The clean voice that Matthias uses almost give some songs a rocklike edge, but I have to say that it doesn’t suit the music very well. The difference between the parts in which he screams and the parts of songs in which he sings with his rock voice, is just too big. It’s detrimental to the music and I just don’t want to start on the ballad-like songs. It’s god-awful!
Not everything is bad, because I actually liked some songs on it, but it’s just too damn unoriginal. And the things that separates this band from others (for example the clean vocal parts) just don’t do it for me. Besides that, I also don’t understand why there are seven people around for producing this sound. If you have two key/synth players in your band, I expect them to do something spectacular or at least something that gives the music some depth. I don’t hear the added value of those guys. To make a long story short, Emergency Gate has some nice musicians, but nice isn’t enough to cut it!
Emergency Gate - Rewake
64/1001Details Silverwolf Productions
Released on Thursday Jan 1st, 1970
Melodic Thrash

Writer @Neurotic on Thursday Mar 5th, 2009

Tags: #Emergency Gate
Tracklisting 1. Double Suicide
2. Slave
3. ..Of Stars And The Drifting
4. Next In Line
5. Unbeing
6. Gold & Glass
7. The Purpose
8. Trust In Me
9. Remains
10. Elementor
11. Life v2.0
12. Lullaby
Line up Matthias Kupka - Vocals
Vlad Doose - Guitars
Udo Simon - Guitars
Mario Lochert - Bass
Chris Wildmann - Drums
Daniel Schmidle - Keyboards
Chris Rybak - Synthesizer