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New Morality - Fear Of Nothing
New Morality is a band from Arnhem, the Netherlands that has been quite active since 2004. Some people in the band are behind Light The Fuse Records as well and some play in Strike First. In the short period of existence they self released a demo, been on a few compilation 7”s and CDs, released a MCD and a split 7”. Quite an active bunch it is! Reflections Records picked them up and together they released their first full length album Fear Of Nothing.

Last couple of years, the Netherlands tends to spit out a lot of good new bands, which are heavily influenced by the mid 80’s oldschool New York hardcore sound, comparable to bands like Cro-Mags, Breakdown, Yuppicide, S.F.A., Crown Of Thornz and Killing Time. New Morality is definitely one of those bands and together with bands like Strike First, Said And Done and State Of Mind; they form a strong vanguard for a new scene.

The CD opens very aggressively with the song ‘Crawling’ and grabs you straight away by your balls and don’t let the tension go until the end of this disc. Overall the CD is pretty diverse from straight forward aggressive songs, till more punk songs. Not all the songs are as strong as the first one, for instance the song ‘Honest Lies’ lacks the energy and that intro riff, which is coming back over and over again in the song, is bugging the hell out of me! I’m sure I heard this riff before in some poppy shit song! Nevertheless songs like ‘A Fool’s Faith’ and the Yuppicide cover ‘Fist Full Of Credit Cards’ make up a lot for it.

The lyrical content is emotional and personal. Sung pretty pissed off and angry and combined with the harsh, raspy vocals of their singer Jonne; it works perfectly! I bet he is one mean pissed off motherfucker on stage!

If you dig oldschool NY hardcore, then this Dutch band is a band you will love. They are easily one of the best bands coming out of this country, considering this type of music!
New Morality - Fear Of Nothing
78/1001Details Reflections Records
Released on Friday Jan 30th, 2009

Writer @RoyBalowski on Thursday Mar 5th, 2009

Tags: #New Morality
Tracklisting 01. Crawling
02. Label Me
03. A Fool's Faith
04. Another Face
05. Honest Lies
06. Kissing The Sky
07. Life Of Dirt
08. Over And Out
09. Fist Full Of Credit Cards (Yuppicide)
10. Sick Fix
11. Both Worlds
Line up Jonne - vocals
Hiv - drums
Thomas - bass
Mike - guitar
Joel - guitar